On a European level, GRH seeks a productive dialogue with the authorities and legislators in an attempt to instigate change, which will allow the galgos to be, are included in the progress made within Europe concerning animal welfare. Without overlooking the deplorable situation of many other strays, the situation of the galgos is unique in the respect that most are deliberately bred in large numbers, with the sole purpose of destroying or abandoning them eventually.

GRH is convinced that cooperation on a large scale between the various galgo rescue organizations is the way to be heard. For many years, there has been a productive relation with our Spanish partners. More recently, GRH has started to work together more closely with greyhounds rescue foundations in Holland and Belgium. Additionally we are actively seeking ways to expand the cooperation within Europe and beyond.


It is important that the complexity of the problem is properly understood to reach the right solution. An important tool in this is publicity. This is not easy to come by. This is why GRH also focuses on providing information and education, both in Holland with its own projects as well as through the (financial) support of this work by Spanish partner organizations.

A helping hand

We also support the important work of many Spanish shelters. Most of these shelters are located in Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, two of the worst affected areas. By providing medicines, daily necessities and financial support, these organizations get a helping hand in providing a safe haven for many galgos that are abused and abandoned.


GRH also helps to place galgos from these shelters with Dutch and Belgian families. This is done with the utmost care. A beneficial relationship between people and dogs is a core principle of GRH. Before placing a galgo, both the family and the dogs are screened to ensure a proper match. After placing the dog, there is a long-term follow-up, if necessary with the help and advice of a vet and dog behaviour expert.