Help to save a young life!


In the area of Cordóba, situated in the south of Spain, the most horrible things happen to the Spanish greuhounds. This varies from gruesome murders, cruel maltreatment, neglect, throwing them on to the streets, horrible accidents, and so on. Unfortunately the responsible people for this are the socalled galgueros (spanish hunters) who treat their dogs mainly as an object instead of a living creature that needs love and affection.

Those who are just kicked are forced to try to live on to the streets, searching for some food and water. Often they try to survice by roaming the highways and other very busy roads. After all its not unknown and pretty common that people tend to throw food out of their cars. It lowers their chances to starve to death, but unfortunately by living there chances that they get hit by a car or a bus increase a lot which often as a result leads to a very painful and longlasting death.

This drama happened to Lola, an only 4 months old female Galgo d’Espagnol (Spanish greyhound). A little pup living near a highway alone, by herself. That almost guaranteed is fatal. They are too young. This little angel was “lucky”. Hit by a car or perhaps a bus or a truck and left behind. The driver didn’t find it necessary to stop and look if she had survived.

She must have suffered great pains. As you can see in her pictures (and we didn’t even show you the worst ones) she bad a terrible injure in her hip. She couldn’t walk anymore. We and Lola feel blessed that the local policeman who found her was a good man and contacted the nearest spanish shelter who rescue this wonderful breed.

Lola was immediately brought to a veterinary hospital and had a massive surgery and also will need a lot of therapy to be able to become an adult dog that can walk without problems and without a lot of pain. Unfortunately the costs of the surgery AND all the therapy which she will need are too high. Both our organisation and the shelter where she is in Spain, can’t afford this.

Without these payments Lola is doomed to be suffering lots of pain and be crippled. Recently this shelter has rescued even more dogs with serious unjuries and fractures. The vets bills are running so high that they won’t survive long anymore. And the most tragic part is, when they don’t survive they can’t save dogs anymore. Perhaps you don’t know this, but the Spanish government doesn’t support any of those shelters financially. Their only way to rescue and help the dogs is by donations from companies and from private persons who have a loving heart for animals.

Please help us to raise enough money to help Lola and to allow her to become a happy and healthy adult dog. We don’t care if your donation is big of small. Everything helps.

You can send your donation to bankaccount NL94INGB0683866079 from Greyhounds Rescue Holland. We also ask you to write in the description “actie Lola”. This is very important, as this allows us to recognize the donations for Lola immediately.

For each bit of money that we may receive we will add a 50%, to a maximum of € 1.000,00 on donations. We even hope that the total of the donations will go far above this amount of money, because it would allow us to send more money to a shelter in great need to help the dogs who are urgently in need of an expensive surgery or therapy.