On Monday 15th April Mrs Striffler, together with 11 other co-signatories, submitted the Written Declaration 0006/2013 on putting an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of greyhounds in Europe. Just 200 hundred words that can have a great impact on the lives of many greyhounds. The Written Declaration will lapse on 15th July 2013.

The Written Declaration clearly and simply states that all forms of cruelty inflicted upon the greyhounds around Europe should come to an end and that proper enforcement of animal welfare laws is necessary.

The message is simple and with all the information that is available on the deplorable situations that exist mainly in UK and Spain, it cannot be denied. Let us hope that the MEP’s see the reality of this and do not shy away to do what is necessary and sign the Written Declaration.

GRH and all other members of the Collectif Europeen pour la protection des Levriers are excited and grateful for this initiative. Now that most of the European attention is focused on financial and economical matters, animal welfare often disappears behind the political curtain. However, the ongoing suffering of thousands of greyhounds is not a matter that should and can be ignored and this will hopefully bring it back in focus. And, as Mrs. Striffler mentions in an interview with Actuanimaux, the suffering of greyhounds can also be considered a symbol and wake-up call for all other animal suffering in Europe.

As a Dutch organisation we are also very pleased that Mrs. Kartika Liotard, whose efforts on behalf of the galgos resulted in an official letter regarding this matter to the Spanish government, is one of the twelve signatories. It is obvious that she remains committed to fighting for animal welfare and the galgos whenever possible.

All the supporting organisations of the Collectif Europeen pour la protection des Levriers and all other supporters now have three months to campaign for this cause and get as many MEP’s to sit up and listen. And sign!

More information here, and here.