Just after GRH received the horrible news from our collaborating shelter El Buen Amigo, that once again two more galgos were stolen from the shelter, an article was published in the Spanish internet newspaper ABC de Sevilla about the widespread and complex problem of stolen galgos and all that this entails. It shows that the problem surrounding these special dogs is not only one of abandonment and maltreatment, but also one of money and greed.

Eight people have been arrested and 29 charged with theft of galgos used for breeding in Seville, Badajoz, Madrid and Toledo in an operation of the Guardia Civil . The leader of the network was a resident of the neighborhood Palmete, Sevilla, who had organized a gang dedicated to theft of galgos in Seville and Extremadura in order to use them as breeding males and charging between 600 and 1,000 euros for each mating, according to the Seprona.

The operation was launched following a complaint from the Real Federación Española de Galgos, led by Luis Ángel Vegas, who detected the entry of a dog in their registration, whose DNA matched that of another galgo that had been stolen in 2008.

The dog that starred in this Civil Guard operation is called Chapapote and belongs to a someone who lives in Los Palacios (Seville). The owner had voluntarily registered the dog’s DNA in before 2010, when the testing began to be mandatory for breeding males and females and for those who compete, since dogs coming from theft or the descendants of stolen galgos are automatically excluded from official competitions.

Following his victories in official competitions, Chapapote became the target of an organized gang, whose leader lived in Palmete, dedicated to theft of galgos. The network stole the animal, replaced the microchip and changed his name Chapapote a Litri del Pastor. To promote him as a breeding male, they registered him on behalf of several owners in the stud book of the Real Federación Española de Galgos, which is a registration of breeding males and females and their litters.

A greyhound can mount around 30 times a year and each mating can give a litter of 10-7 puppies, so the Guardia Civil estimates that Chapapote could have had at least 840 puppies in four years and that the owner would have received more than 300,000 euros. One of the daughters is a galga called Chapapote Cuban, who participated in the finals of the last Spanish championship of the Galgos en Campo. Now, all descendants of Chapapote are not allowed to compete.

Chapapote will be returned to his owner in Los Palacios and the Guardia Civil is investigating the fate of the other galgos stolen by the gang. More information…