Greyhounds Rescue Holland (GRH) fights against the neglect, maltreatment and senseless killing of Spanish greyhounds, also known as galgos. These dogs are noble and splendid runners and because of these qualities, they are used for hunting and on commercial racetracks. After they have given all they have, the galgos are dumped and left to an uncertain life on the street, unworthy of care and consideration, or they are killed in atrocious ways.

Uphill climb

GRH helps the neglected and maltreated galgos in Spain by providing information, seeking a dialogue with the authorities and by the support of several dog shelters and organizations in Spain. The road to change is an uphill climb as Spain is a traditional country and change is a difficult and slow process. But still progress can be seen, due to the commitment and hard work of many (international) volunteers.