It was bad enough for dogs in Spain before the Covid-19 outbreak. Now the Spanish shelters saving dogs are at risk of having to close because of the Covid19 restrictions. Please see our credentials, this is a genuine appeal.

Every year over 50.000 young and healthy dogs, almost all Galgos (Greyhounds) and other sighthounds (Podencos) are killed or dumped. Spanish shelters save as many dogs as they can from the streets and the perrera (killing station). The people who work at the shelters are volunteers who have dedicated their lives to saving dogs.

Regardless of their former maltreatment, Galgos are placid by nature, they nurture human kindness. They are adopted by families around the world, from The Netherlands to Finland, from Italy to Canada. Every dog adopted makes room for another dog to get rescued and the adoption fees keeps the shelter financially.

Because of the Covid19 legislation this has all been stopped and the Spanish shelters are in a complete crisis. Dogs who have already been adopted from abroad can’t leave Spain because of the border restrictions, meaning they can’t take anymore dogs in and the shelters are overfull.

No more adoption-fees coming in, overheads continue (dogfood, rent, energy bills, veterinary bills, insurance, etc). In an average shelter which houses around 80 dogs, dogfood alone is €1.800 a month. No one knows how long the Covid19 restrictions are going to remain in place, meaning no more adoptions and hardly any income to keep the shelter going.

The situation now, April 7th 2020:

  • All the dogs who have been abandoned by hunters or other owners have no more chance of rescue because the shelters are at bursting point
  • All the dogs taken to the perrera (killing station) are now killed more quickly than before and more cruelly to save time and money because of the Corona-crisis
  • Because of the legislation Covid19 gatherings are forbidden now, the hunters (who are predominantly owners of the dogs killed or abandoned) don’t need their dogs anymore. Normally the dogs live in packs in dark sheds with minimal food until there is no use for them anymore, then the dogs are killed or abandoned. One can only imagine what is happening to the dogs now.
  • With barely any revenue coming in the shelters are struggling severely looking after dogs with medical needs such as medicine and operations.
  • Worse than that is the danger that shelters have to close because they don’t have money to feed the dogs, pay the rent, bills etc.

The only way we can prevent this from happening is to appeal for your help. Any donation, no matter how small because every little bit helps. Thank you.

Your donation can be sent to:

Greyhounds Rescue Holland

Bankaccount: NL94 INGB 0683 8660 79


Please mention: donation Covid19