Dear GRH volunteers, in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Spain,

From mid-November 2015, I am involved with the foundation as one of the volunteers. After a bit of initial training, I started working as member of the adoptionteam.   i left the adoptionteam December 1st 2018. Since that date all tasks concerning transport through air and road were seperated from the adoptionteam into a new job. I concentrated on transport and have done this now during 5 months. Transport includes all the flights with whom the adopted dogs come to Holland, but also the roadtransports.  It means arranging every detail from departure at the airports in Spain to arrival at the airports in the Netherlands and being standby before and during the flights in case of an emergency or problems with the dogs, the volunteers from the shelters, the adoptive families, the people who fly the dogs and ofcourse the volunteers who are always at the airport to welcome the dogs. Next to this there is also the  roadtransport which occurs 2-3 times a year.

We have had pretty intens and turbulent years, but it made the teams stronger. But next to that i also had turbulent years in my private life and work. This combined with the huge amount of work for Greyhounds Rescue became too much for me and despite my love for this work and the emotional pain i decided to stop working as a volunteer of GRH per May 1st 2019. To ensure a valuable and meaningfull end to my years as a volunteer for Greyhoundsrescue, I planned a 10 days trip to Spain, finally able to visite the people with whom I have been working for 3.5 years. Also i am going to assist a few days in a shelter. I am really looking forward to that and very happy that i can experience this together with my colleague who does a lot of work for the roadtransports.

During these years i have met too many people to be able to name them personally, but i thank everyone whos a volunteer now and in recent years, all volunteers from aftercare, fosterteam, adoptionteam, homevisitors, airport volunteers, all shelters and their contactpersons, all regular passengers who accompanied dogs, the new ones and also the board of GRH plus everyone whom i perhaps forgot to mention, for the cooperation and support.

I wish everyone involved and GRH lots of happy endings in adoptions, after all our goal is to fight against the neglect, maltreatment and senseless killing of Spanish greyhounds, also known as Galgos, and Podenco’s. Each adopted dog in Holland or Belgium is an ambassador to make people more aware of what happens in Spain. And i hope that the small changes we have already seen will continue in the future.

To the current adoptionteam and also the new transport volunteer, i would like to say, enjoy everything and hopefully you will find it as fulfilling as it was to me. It is beautiful, loving, challenging, creative, flexible and intensive work. Of course with rules to follow, but it also needs flexibility and out of the box thinking when something unusual or unexpected happens. I know i had to deal a couple of times with something totally unexpected over the years and i learned a lot through these experiences. I wish you the same.

Warm regards, Irma Dijkink, the 4 adoptiondogs Niza, Famke, Ramona, Levi and the  family who needed to be very patient during the past few years.