Many times GRH has focused on the political reluctance in Spain to address the painful and difficult issue of animal abuse in general and the abuse of galgos in particular. The actions and critical approach of the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animals are an uplifting and promising change in this landscape.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Diario, Efeverde Chesús Yuste, coordinator of the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animals (APDDA) called the ongoing maltreatment and abuse of animals in Spain “a stain on the brandname Spain” and reports that this has already resulted in a ban of Spanish products in several places in the USA.

APDDA was founded in 2007 with only 7 members, mostly Catalonians and some belonging to Green Parties. Now, the number has risen to 40 deputies and senators from different backgrounds and parties. This gives rise to a growing confidence that the issue of animal abuse will become more in focus and prominent in Spain.

Yuste refers to the agonizing example of what happens to hunting dogs at the end of the hunting season. At least 160 of these dogs per day are abandoned, thrown in wells or hanged. The widespread news and allegations about the horrible treatment of these dogs has caused the boycott of Spanish products in some places in the USA.

It is inconceivable, says Yuste, that there are 3000 “festivities” a year in Spain where animals are abused and mistreated, with the barbaric bullfights as dark example. APDDA pushes a reform in which the maximum prison sentence for animal abuse is changed from 1 to 1-3 years, as well as stronger enforcement. Furthermore, it aims to include animals in the Civil Code as sentient beings, thus following the European trend.

To show their ongoing concern with all issues regarding animals, APDDA has also requested a protocol with regards to the rescue of animals after the dramatic death of a galgo in the metro of Madrid. More information…