A hearing of the parliamentary commission of the Andalusian government, Emilio de Llera Suárez-Bárcena, minster of Justice and Interior Affairs, told the commission that they would did not and would not draft a regulation for the training of galgos with motor vehicles and nor did they ask the Veterinary Department of the University of Cordoba to study this matter. He responded to a question asked by the IU-GREENSdeputy, Alba María Doblas Miranda.

On a personal note, the minister added that he is absolutely against the training of galgos with motor vehicles. “I do not know if it is damaging to the galgos, I am not a vet. But I find the image of this training repugnant and it hurts my feelings”.

Despite this, he said that it not so much a matter of government competence, but more a matter of the culture that is passed on by the people. Futhermore he added “that his is a matter of the Ministry of Agriculture, since there is a clear difference between pets and dogs held for use and profit”. Doblas Miranda told that the prospect of this regulation has caused great social alarm. She also added that it is within the competence of the Justice department to ensure that the welfare and wellbeing of all dogs that are carrying a chip is defended under the Animal Welfare Law, also when they are used for competition.

Encarni Tortosa of the Ddevida foundation mentioned that though it is a positive step that the minister made a public statement against the regulation. However, the matter of competence shows that it is also a game of political hide-and-seek which leaves much to be desired. For more information in Spanish…