Op 29 december 2017 kwam Margarita naar Nederland, sindsdien zijn er al een aantal maanden verstreken. Haar adoptiefamilie vertelt hoe alles is verlopen en hoe het nu met haar is.


On december 29th 2017 Margarita arrived in the Netherlands. Since then a couple of months have passed. Her adoptionfamily wrote us the story how everything went and how they are doing now.

My husband and I had been wanting to adopt a dog for a while and had been reading about the amazing qualities of greyhounds. We found GRH and decided to adopt Margarita, a beautiful and affectionate dog that came into our home in January.

Our world was turned upside down immediately. I guess it’s a bit of a shock first having this big animal around you at all times, we needed our time to get used to it. In addition, we were not very sure about how to properly care for her and questioned everything that we did and even got into some arguments about the right way to do things. We could tell that Margarita was sad, and this made us feel frustrated and incapable. I only say this because I think it’s important for other people not to think that things will be amazing from the moment the dog sets foot in the house. You have to allow some time for yourself and your dog to get to know each other and get accustomed to each other. We were both very independent people and making that transition can be bumpy.
Slowly but surely things started to fit into place, and one month later we were in a much different situation. Our first big win was being able to let her loose in the park (we hired a trainer to help us navigate the situation). It was pure joy seeing her run so happy and free. Her behaviour changed a lot since then, she was happier and more relaxed and so were we.
Now it’s my favourite thing to go to the park and read while Margarita plays around with other dogs. It’s fun teaching her tricks or finding new things about her personality every day. She makes the house feel like a home! We are both so glad we didn’t give up at the beginning when things were hard. It’s true that it’s difficult to change your routine so drastically from one day to the next but once you start figuring out the new routine it becomes MUCH easier! Another important detail is that many people don’t want an “older” dog… but we are so happy that Margarita is 5 and not 3 like we initially thought. A younger dog would require a lot more attention and have a lot more energy so we were lucky that her age was not properly calculated. I would really encourage that if you have a busy life and don’t have time to go every single day to the park to play for at least one hour that you adopt an older dog and not a very young one.

As far as Greyhounds Rescue Holland, the process could not have been better. They were always attentive, respectful and fair. It is very clear that they really care for the dogs and that they make sure that they are treated properly and really try to find people that will be a good match for them. If you are considering adopting a dog I could not recommend them more!