Informing the general public in the Netherlands and Belgium about our mission

Provide up-to-date information on our website and in our newsletter GreytNews; giving interviews in local and national newspapers and magazines; organizing special events and exhibitions; distribution of information packages and brochures; organizing presentations at schools and for other interested parties.

Informing and influencing political parties and relevant animal welfare organizations

Support and participate in Spanish operations, petitions, often together with fellow organizations inform the Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and European politics public policy offices and animal welfare organizations, informing about the fate of the greyhounds and galgos.

Fundraising for financal support of the Spanish shelters

Operating and managing an internet web shop with all revenues going to the financial support of greyhounds in Spain. obtaining donations and sponsorships; collecting and selling used cartridges and mobile phones ; facilitate virtual adoptions for dogs in Spain.

Running an emergency fund for calamities in Spain

Purchasing medication and financing costly operations of dogs in Spain; the repair of shelters after natural disasters (flood / storm), crash and emergency rescue actions in case of impending slaughter of dogs (found in perreras-also known as killing stations ).

Facilitating and supporting the adoption of galgos by Dutch and Belgian families from shelter to home and beyond

GRH has managed to successfully place more than 1000 dogs in recent years. Many consider our adoption procedures strict but a successful adoption is paramount. We consider each adopted dog is an ambassador for his fellow-sufferers in Spain! Therefore, we make sure that the entire adoption process is of the highest quality.

Interested families take part in the screening process and a home visit. This is followed by a selection and matching procedure of the candidate family and dog. After a successful match, GRH organizes the transport of the dog to the Netherlands / Belgium.

After the dog has been placed, GRH ensures the lifetime care of the adopted dog and supervision of the adoptive family. We offer the unconditional return of the dog to our foundation in case of unexpected problems and provision of medical and behavioral support for adoptive families and financial assistance in case of unforeseen medical interventions.

Collection of relief supplies for the Spanish shelters

Supplies are collected from companies, pet shops and individuals. In this way thousands of kilos of dog food, kennels, blankets, towels, disinfectants, medicines, bandages, anti-flea/tick products, registration devices (transponders, passports) , etc. and so on are provided to Spanish shelters several times a year.

Providing emergency housing to dogs that for unforeseen reasons cannot be placed in a shelter

We hire a number of spaces in kennels or dog hotels when needed or place the dogs immediately in foster homes in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Spreading the galgitus, the “galgo disease” …

As soon as people become aware of the atrocious way the galgo is treated in Spain, they feel compelled to become involved. They have been infected with galgitus… Within our foundation all our volunteers are strongly motivated and spread galgitus whenever and wherever they can. Our adoptive families love to join as well supported by the ambassadors, the hounds dogs themselves!

To facilitate the spreading of this affliction and to build up our team of followers, we organize doggie-walks where everyone is welcome and can get acquainted with these beautiful and noble dogs. Hundreds of people with hundreds of dogs have already attended these events ! If you would like to know more about our foundation or any of the activities mentioned above, please visit the (Dutch) part of our website.